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"Everyone has a unique thumbprint, their unique DNA. We help you find what is successful and unique in you and how to achieve and sustain your goals"

Coaching Development Edge (CDE) is a performance improvement consultancy, based in the UK and known as HR Solutions in Prague, Czech Republic. Working across most business sectors, we are specialists in developing individual performance excellence, finding out what gives you and your business the “Edge”. 

Our passion is getting individuals "unstuck"; re-focused, re-energized and performing, in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. And critically, allowing individuals to move forward themselves to sustain changes. OurCoaching Focus:  Presentation Skills, bespoke – turnaround performance guaranteed; Unleashing your Unique Potential as a Leader and Individual; “Navigating the “Organizational Political Landscape” with Authenticity and knowing how to manage and leverage practically "Brand Me" in tough times

Working together, we support

  • Organizations to achieve their goals through motivated and capable people.
  • Individuals to improve their business contribution and achieve their career and life aspirations.

CDE creates value for our clients in 3 areas:

Coaching Edge
Supporting leaders, managers and next generation leaders to think through and resolve issues around business contribution, career management and personal development.
Development Edge
Designing and supporting learning and development activities that build the internal capability, skills and talent needed in the organization.
Performance Edge
Uses  tools and processes to develop, manage, motivate and engage talent.

Get to know where we can support your business by or or call us us 0044 (0) 1386 882511 or Skype, claireldickson and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Want to know more about that high performing paper plane…..see our Resource Edge section!

“Those that act, receive the prizes” Aristotle