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Our approach:

“If there is something you want in life then you’ve got one of two things. You’ve either got it or you’ve got a story about why you haven’t got it. Drop the story."
Anthony Robbins

We think every business is unique. We don’t work to a set approach. Instead we spend time really understanding your needs, requirements and budget.

CDE brings together a unique blend of practical experience with up-to-date techniques and approaches to

There are 3 key stages:  


  • Listening to and understanding your business and needs
  • Sharing best practice and our own personal experience
  • Tapping into your in-depth knowledge of the business. Getting your ideas and input

Design and Development

  • Designing an approach
    • we think will have the results and benefits you want
    • which is practical so learning can be used back in the workplace


  • Planning the implementation phase to ensure any changes are sustained

So, how do you benefit?

  • EXPERIENCE & TRACK RECORD. We have extensive experience of working with organisations to develop those skills and capabilities needed to deliver business results
  • COMMITTMENT. We are fully committed to helping individuals achieve their peak performance. Talk to our clients to find out.
  • CUSTOMISED. Our work is completely customized to meet your business needs and goals
  • PASSION. We are passionate about what we do and in helping individuals reach their potential.

Our clients are Asian and European based Companies covering most market sectors, with a target audience which is typically middle to senior management and next generation leaders. Work is normally carried out in English.