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Executive Coaching

”You can’t teach a man anything. You can only help him to find it within himself” Galileo.

Executive coaching is a one to one interactive process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves to become more effective in a business context. 

There are 4 main areas for Executive coaching-

  1. Skill – I need to sharpen my skills for…
  2. Performance in current role – There’s pressure to improve…
  3. Development for new/future role – I’m going to be promoted to…
  4. Executive’s agenda (personal or organizational)…I'm facing a big challenge at…

So, what are the issues that people typically bring to coaching?

  • Sharpening leadership effectiveness
  • Improving relationships with a boss, peers, direct reports or key stakeholders
  • Balancing head office demands with regional and local realities
  • Managing change. In today’s environment the pressure on executives to reduce cost and increase performance is relentless.
  • Action planning following a 360/appraisal feedback report

An overview of our approach:

WHAT: A structured, personal development approach aimed at driving sustainable individual performance and business results.

HOW: The coach works with an individual on a confidential 1 to 1 basis for a focused period of time, dependent on the goals set. The coaching process aims to help the individual on their journey of change and consists typically of:

  • Clarifying and agreeing what the individual wants to achieve.
  • Agreeing how the individual and the coach will work together and identifying tools which will support the process, such as motivational profiling, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, 360 degree feedback etc.
  • Working in a supportive environment to:
    • Explore patterns of success so as to get really clear on strengths.
    • Identify any obstacles and blocks to performance and progress.
    • Identify any new capabilities required to support current or future roles.
    • Identify priorities and determine a way forward to make the changes a reality.
    • Review achievement against original objectives. Think about ways to celebrate success and sustain changes.

BENEFITS: Sharpening an individual’s leadership ability by:

  • Clarifying and focusing goals.
  • Challenging assumptions and ways of working.
  • Strengthening strengths and developing new capabilities to drive performance.
  • Expanding an individual’s view of what is possible.
  • Committing to and taking action
  • Getting sustainable results.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Typically middle to senior management and high potential managers.

FORMAT: Typically a coaching agreement involves bi-monthly sessions for an agreed period of time to achieve objectives. Email and telephone support as required.