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Free coaching session

"The coaching session with Claire Dickson was a highly useful meeting that helped me to set better professional objectives for the future. Actually, with the help of Claire I realized that by raising expectations and plans that fit better my personality, I can use a more realistic leadership style and reach higher work satisfaction. "

"I can warmly recommend such a session to everyone who would like to make a significant step ahead matching professional life and personal characteristics."

Austin Zoltan Aszalos
Managing Director
7D Solutions Ltd. Hungary

It is one thing to read about coaching and quite another to personally experience it. HR Solutions are offering you a FREE, no obligation coaching session. This session will:

  • Introduce you to the concept of coaching
  • Help you and your coach get to know each other
  • Show you firsthand the power of coaching by experiencing being coached around a particular area or topic

At the end of the free session, we will simply ask if you want to continue the coaching relationship. If you chose to stop, that’s ok. Coaching is not for everyone.
For coaching to work you must believe that:

  • You and the coach are a good fit and can work together
  • Coaching is the best and quickest way for you to achieve your goals
  • HR Solutions can help you achieve your stated goals and outcomes
  • You are ready to be coached and committed to the coaching process.

For a FREE coaching session email us on the following details:

  • Name
  • Company and job title
  • Email address and contact number(s)
  • Subject area (e.g. career management, leadership coaching, team building) and the issue you would like to choose for the coaching session

We will then contact you.

Free Coaching Session Policy
Our free coaching sessions are only available to new clients or customers. The coaching session will be limited to 90 minutes in total and is aimed at those individuals operating at middle and senior management levels in their company.